Table Top / Counter Top Water Softener

for bathrooms, kitchens, beauty parlours, and personal grooming

Welcome to the world of new table top, fully automatic water softeners. Softeners that you can keep on your wash basin counter or inside your bathroom and get clean, crystal clear, soft water for your daily use like hair care, shampoo, face wash or bathing. These softening devices are sensor based, with fully automatic operation, thus helping you having a stress free usage and have your attention to your own self grooming.

It will also prevent scaling in your sanitary ware, protecting them from deposits. You can say good bye to hair fall problems and to skin irritations due to bathing from polluted water.

It is also a great product for premium beauty parlours, where your clients can be wooed and pampered with the best quality of water, for their daily parlour needs. They are robust, and will not let you down. You can also connect the output of the softener to your existing tap/hand shower/shower.

If there is iron or dirt in water, then a pre filter would be required, to condition the water before it reaches the softener.

Product Description

Iron guard + KDF media Prefilter Installation Wall mounted
Iron guard dimension height: 2 feet, Width: 10 inches, Depth: 5 inches
Price Rs. 3,540.00
Inter connection Soft, White Pipe
Softener Installation Table top / Counter top
Softener dimension Width: 13 inch
Depth: 18.5 inch
Height: 26 inch
Price: Rs. 42,008.00
Total Expense 3,540.00 + 42,008.00 = 45,548.00

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Other Features and Specifications:

Installed capacity 1000 LPH
Inlet Water Pressure required (Min-Max) 1.5 to 3.5 kg/cm2
Inlet max Hardness (As CaCO3) 800 ppm
Treated Hardness (As CaCO3) <50 ppm
Inlet/Outlet Connection Size 1 inch
Drain Line 0.5 inch
Electric Supply 230 V AC/6 Amp – 1 point electric

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