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Ira Waters Pvt Ltd is a Kolkata based firm, specialising in Swiss technology drinking water systems, that result in low cost, pure mineral drinking water solutions for schools, clubs and offices.

Among its clients are, Jodhpur park boys school, ISKCON temple, International club and Indian Navy. You can visit us at or Call at 9038057899 / 8777067330 now to schedule a free visit.

We also undertake low cost iron removal systems for individual bathrooms, flats, homes, offices and housing complexes. You can find more details at

We also do whole house germ removing system, so that all your plumbing receives germ free, clean water.

Please connect to us, and tell us about your unique requirement, and we will do it for you.

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Ira Waters Pvt Ltd is a Kolkata based firm engaging in manufacturing, installing and maintaining different water purification systems. We focus primarily on the drinking water domain, and our solutions are in medium to large scale output systems. ​We have iron removal system of various sizes and have installed in multiple households in Kolkata. ​We also undertake turnkey projects. Talk to us for your drinking water solutions.​

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Whole House Water Purification Concept

The most important advantage that a whole house water filter can get you is that it can provide you purified and healthy water, at NEAR ZERO RUNNING COSTS. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about health problems caused by drinking contaminated water anymore, while inhaling volatile organic chemicals will no longer represent an issue.

Whole House Water Purification Concept


The most important advantage that a whole house water filter can get you is that it can provide you purified and healthy water, from every tap of your house.


All your plumbing receives, soft, scale free water, with iron controlled, resulting in increased aesthetic and health value. It also removes the harmful chloramine added by municipalities. All this, keeping the healthy minerals intact!


Unique systems, tailor made, to suit you. Maintenance free, comes with free peace of mind. The best of technology for your benefit. Most economical, and clean and green technology. Can be solar enabled, if desired.


All viruses, Bacteria, Algae, Contaminants, Suspended particles, Scale, iron, Dust, Residual Chlorine, worms, organic pollutants, Disinfection by-products, Unpleasant tastes and odour.

Solutions: Ira Total & Ira Economy

Ideal for Clubs, educational institutes, hospitals, large offices, villas

Ira Total, and it’s lower capacity counterpart Ira Economy, has been designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of the urbane life, and the ruggedness required in the rural areas. It is a fully automatic water purification machine, capable of giving an output of upwards of 1,200 liters or 2,500 liters of drinking water per hour. It can also be used for whole house water purification in private homes and villas, for those who care for pure water, and want their homes to have purified water from any tap they open. It can also be used in clubs, hospitals, hotels or anywhere where there is a large demand of drinking water.


We Are Here For You


We undertake ground study and consultancy services for small to medium sized projects, turnkey solutions, urban and rural applications, community installations and housings.
It comprises problem analysis, selection of appropriate technology and methodology, and suggested solution

Installation and Set up

We can build custom solution for a project/household and set it up for operation. We have tie ups with different service providers, for service of non core activities. We also team up with local service providers, as and when possible.

Social and Technical Integration

For social projects, we can also lay down the plan to make the systems self sustaining.

Service, Training and Ongoing service

We are open to train interested service providers, who are interested, to service our installations. We provide service to all our installations, if the customer desires, upon signing of Maintenance Contracts.

Our Products

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Pictures are for demonstration only. Actual item may vary from pictures. Price on request.

Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

We typically follow the process of understanding the factors, and then developing the concept installation. For standalone, ready-made products, the customer can choose to get them fitted right away. For larger solutions, upon the customer's approval, and issue of work order, we develop the system, test it thoroughly in our facility, and then install it. Thereafter, we run the system at the installation site, and only after we are satisfied of its performance, we handover the same to the customer.





Case Studies

Case Study 1:

ISKCON, Kolkata
West Bengal

Case Study of Iskcon Kolkata

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), known colloquially as the Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas, is a Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindu religious organisation. ISKCON was founded in 1966 in New York City.

The ISKCON Kolkata had a large number of devotees and bhaktas. Ira Waters is proud to have won the contract of supplying water purification machines for the entire facility of the ISKCON Mandir Kolkata, including the kitchens.

Case Study 2:

Kolkata Lake Club
Kolkata, India

Case Study of Kolkata Lake Club

Lake Club Limited, is a premium club, is situated on the banks of the Rabindra Sarovar Lake, Kolkata. Established in December, 1923, it boasts of a rich heritage and an incomparable achievement in rowing, the main sport of the club.

The club had a large and elite member base, and cultural events frequent the calendar. Ira Waters is proud to have won the contract of supplying water purification machines for the entire facility of the club, including the kitchens.

The club may be reached through its website, at

Case Study 3:

Sanjeeva Town
Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata, West Bengal

Whole house water purification system for Sanjeeva Town, Rajarhat New Town

Mr. Prosenjit Mukherjee has a large duplex in the Sanjeeva Town, Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata. In his modern flat, equipped with modern gadgets of all kind, had one problem. The water quality supplied to his flat was not of the best quality. It was hard, had suspended particles, and also was unfit for drinking. Frequently his equipments like Jacuzzi, Refrigerator and Washing machines would mal function due to water quality.

Mr. Prosenjit Mukherjee approached us for a solution and we suggested a Whole house water purification for his duplex. Much like in western countries, now all his taps have drinking water. The Iron content, hardness has been contained, and the water is completely germs and particles free. He remains one of our happy customers.

Case Study 4:

Project: Rain Water Harvesting at Jodhpur Park Boys School, Kolkata, West Bengal

Rain Water Harvesting at Jodhpur Park Boys School, Kolkata Scope

  • Channeling the entire rainwater from the 10,000 Sq Feet Catchment area
  • Providing storage for about 20,000 liters of rain water
  • Purifying the entire rainwater stored to Drinking Water
  • Purifying the entire legacy system of water to drinking water
  • Supplying the purified water to main distribution, so that the entire plumbing gets purified water

Funded by: Rotary Club of Kolkata and Inner Wheel Club of Jodhpur Park
Project operational since: 2nd May, 2017
Water Volume purified every day: 3000 Liters to 4000 liters


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