What is iron in water, Benefits of Removing Iron from Water, and how to remove iron from water with iron water filters and iron guards

Benefits of Removing Iron from Water

A good part of India suffers from high concentration of dissolved and undissolved (particulate) iron in water, resulting in yellowish or reddish tap water, clogged sanitary ware, clogged shower heads and faucet mouths, unpleasant metallic smell, and iron germs in water.

High iron in water has multiple consequences, from rashes in sensitive skin, hair fall and hair discolouration, and not-so-fresh-feeling after a bath. Cooking also gets affected, with pulses not getting boiled properly, rice assuming a reddish or brownish or yellowish colour, undesired taste in the dishes etc.

It also effects the household appliances like dish washers and washing machines, and high iron can affect not only the nozzles, but also the electronic parts, and they reduce the efficacy of the different sensors. Learn more about how iron filters can benefit you.

Benefits of Removing Iron from Water

Previously it was thought that though aesthetically unpleasant, however, a higher concentration in water poses no physical threat. However, recent researches suggests otherwise. It is now accepted that prolonged exposure to high concentration in water may lead to harmful ailments like:

You have a much better chance of avoiding these diseases just by removing iron from your water, which will work towards a healthier life, and reduced medical expenses.

This article aims to bring in the importance of having your water with accepted levels of iron only, and why you should do something if you have high iron levels in water.

First, what is the accepted level of iron in water:

The accepted iron levels are anything that is equal to, or less than 0.3 mg/l which translated to three parts per million.

How do you find out if your water has higher concentration of iron?

Visual test: If the floor which sees a lot of water flowing through assumes a reddish or orange or yellowish colour, and/or if the water appears yellowish or reddish, or if the water after residing in an open bucket for some time, assumes a yellowing colour.

By your sense of smell: If you smell a metallic odour coming from your tap water.

By a water test from a recognised water testing house: You can give a sample of two liters of water from your tap to the testing house, who will test for iron and give you the results for a charge.

Avoid testing with iron strips available in the market, as they tend to give erroneous results.

The Importance of having small amount of iron in your water:

Please note that there needs to be some iron in water as it is important for your health, and provides beneficial in a number of physical functions and building of the body. This amount of iron is required for building the haemoglobin of the blood, which in turns helps to carry the oxygen throughout your body, prevents anaemia, helps in cell building and regulate the body temperature. All together, it is essential in building your immune system to fight diseases like covid 19. You will also be able to fight fatigue and weakness, with your renewed army of healthy blood cells.

If you have higher concentration of iron in your water, how did it get in there in the first place!

The most notorious reason for having iron in water is usage of ground water over surface water. In surface water, like rivers and lakes, the iron gets oxidized, and effectively removed by the community water filtration system. However, the ground water (water from bore well or from an open well), more often than not, contains both dissolved and undissolved iron in water, and dissolved iron is difficult to remove as well. When you consume or use this water, chances are you are being exposed to higher concentration of iron in water. Another reason is old and rusted metal pipelines, which may be leaching iron and iron germs into your water.

The two types of iron on water:

Iron in dissolved form is ferrous (Fe2+). With only ferrous iron, the water appears clear. However, with a bit of oxidation, (like keeping the water in a open bucket overnight), some of it will oxidize and will form the second form, which is ferric iron (Fe3+). This ferric iron gives water the brownish or yellowish colour, and is particulate in nature.

Iron germs, which accompany the iron, feeds on the ferrous iron, turning it into ferric.

Frequently, water contains some parts of both types of iron compounds.

Technology to remove iron from water

Iron filtration filters need to be high flow, matching the inflow of the water, with not much of difference in the outflow. Hence, larger pore filter candles, or media sand filters are used. But these can effectively capture only ferrous iron which has granulated. Any ferric iron will escape. While this is acceptable for most cases, in some cases, like cooking, they might be a problem. So, if the source water is directly from a borewell, then an oxidizing catalyst is used, which will oxidize most of the ferrous iron to ferric iron, and then it is effectively captured by the media or polypropylene filter placed right after it. If water is coming from an overhead tank, then it gets a fair chance to get oxidized by itself, and only a polypropylene or a media filter should work satisfactorily. You will need to understand your requirement, and then take your decision. Remember, you do not need to eliminate all the iron from your water, you only need to eliminate the excessive iron from your water.

How to remove iron from well water:

Well water is frequently plagued with high iron concentrations. Using a media sand filter or using a whole house filter are the accepted ways to remove iron from well water. More on this is given at the end of the page, just scroll down.

Benefits of removing iron from water:

First, you will feel fresh. All the water you use, for bathing, washing, cooking etc, will become fresher, cleaner, devoid of most impurities, leaving you with a fresher feeling of dealing with clean water, as it should be.

Second, you will be healthier, and you body will function much better. Your heart will be stronger, your immune system will improve, your hair fall problems and infection problems will reduce greatly

Third, your appliances, bathroom fittings, geysers, shower heads, faucets will all last longer with no clogging or unpleasant odours. Your washing machines and dishwashers will also work better, and your detergent consumption will go down. Your shampoo will have better effect. And, you can finally have that bath with sparkling water, with higher water pressure.

Some of the best iron removing filter products in India, that acts as iron guard

Magic Filter:

Magic filters run mini electrolysis inside it, reducing all harmful heavy metals in water to benign ones. This filter requires minimum plumbing and can practically be fitted anywhere. In your kitchen tap, shower head, hand shower, cisterns, washing machines, dishwashers, and even in your wash basin, bathtub and Jacuzzi. Check it out at Magic Filter Page.

Kitchen Filter:

Made exclusively for the kitchen, they are for water that are very rich in iron. They can also be used in combination with a magic filter.

Entire Household Filters:

They are meant to be fixed to the main line, on the output of your pump or on the output of the overhead tank water. They effectively trap all undissolved iron. Filter candle changes are simple, DIY operation. Click here to know more about whole house filters.

Shower Filter:

KDF media filter, which gives you crystal clear water, anti hairfall and friendly for sensitive skin. They last long, and when they clog, you just need to fit them in reverse and use again. Click here to order a shower filter online. You can fit it yourself.

Geyser filter:

Protect your geyser from iron and lime build-up, saving you electricity, and giving you good quality water. Use in combination with a KDF shower filter for best results. Check out our range of geyser filters:

Whole Bathroom Line Filter:

These will require a professional plumber to fit, and he also has to break a part of bathroom wall tiles, and get the main pipeline exposed, if it is concealed. They work well. Click here to know more and to order one bathroom filter online.

Media Iron Filters With Backwash Facility:

They are one of the best options as they come with regeneration, backwash facility, keeping your maintenance costs to zero. Their initial installation costs are a bit higher, and owing to the complexity, the seller/manufacturer needs to install it themselves. Click here to know how a media sand filter for iron removal works.