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Iron removal systems for flats, houses and complexes
Media Filter
Parashu® Iron Removal Systems
Conditioned, Iron free water, anywhere you want
Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Heavy Duty Use Iron Removal Systems
Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Heavy Duty Use
Tried & Tested Products  ⚬  Fail-safe Mechanisms  ⚬  
DIY Systems  ⚬ Easy Maintenance, Eco-Friendly Systems

Iron Remover Filters for India

We engage in New Age Water Purification Technologies and specialize in large volume water output systems, useful for banks, clubs, religious places like temples, schools, restaurants and hotels and anywhere else where large volume of water is required.
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Parashu® is a Kolkata based firm engaging in manufacturing, installing and maintaining different water purification systems. We focus primarily on the drinking water domain, and our solutions are in medium to large scale output systems. ​We have iron removal system of various sizes and have installed in multiple households in Kolkata. ​We also undertake turnkey projects. Talk to us for your drinking water solutions.​

We also undertake low cost iron removal systems for individual bathrooms, flats, homes, offices and housing complexes.

Community kitchen filters, for kitchens of temples, clubs, restaurants etc, are our speciality.

Please connect to us, and tell us about your unique requirement, and we will do it for you.

Efficient Residential & Commercial
Iron Removing Services!

We make residencial and commercial water clean and safe.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with efficient and effective iron removal and water purification solutions. We pride ourselves on our reliable and friendly service that customers can trust. Our expert team are ready for any emergency.

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All our service professionals have undergone live site training.
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Additional Services
Our dedication lies in offering water filtration services that are prompt, affordable, reliable, and worry-free.
Water Management Consultancy

We take up consultancy work to improve upon your existing water systems, to suggest more efficient, cleaner and greener water management systems.

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Rain Water Harvesting system at Schools and Buildings

We employ unique solutions for harvesting rainwater, and putting it to general use at any urban school or building.

Rainwater Harvesting at a School

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Large Kitchen Whole Line Purifiers

Community kitchens, as in clubs, hotels and temples, require large volume of water for cooking, which should also be safe and clean. We build custom filters, that deliver purified water, directly at existing kitchen taps, in the same volume as before.

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Media Replacement

We undertake replacement of media of your existing iron filters and softeners. Such projects are taken up only after a site visit.

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Solutions for Indian Conditions!
Our goal is to provide our customers with professional plumbing services. We pride ourselves on our reliable and friendly service.
Tried & Tested Products
Fail-safe Mechanisms
DIY Systems
Easy Maintenance, Eco Friendly Systems

Just let us know your requirement, and we will design and build solution for you, just for you!

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Iron problems in water can be extremely frustrating, especially when it means you can’t use your toilet, sink, shower, or kitchen! Have a doubt?

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What are the Benefits of Removing Iron?
Benefits are many, and you can find them at This Resource
Do iron filters reduce 100% iron?
No. However, it removes 95% to 98% of Ferric iron (granulated iron). Ferrous iron, which is dissolved in water, passes through the filters. Hence, better the oxidation before the filters, the better the filters perform to remove iron from water.
What is the difference between a softener and an iron filter?
An iron filter works by the principle of filtration, that is physically filtering out the iron granules. A softener works by the principle of ion exchange, by which calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions.
Case Study 1
The Lake Club Ltd.
We have installed 3 different systems with varied capacity and specifications, at three different locations in the club premise.
Case Study 3
Lansdowne Automobile - Car Repair Service
short details needed
Case Study 4
Village School Installations at Farakka, By Mitsubishi Power
We were contacted by Mitsubishi Power Systems, operating at NTPC Farakka, to install 8 different filters at 7 different schools, and all the schools were in deep rural areas, far from the main city.
Drinking Water Purifiers

We employ ultra filtration technology, widely used and Switzerland and other advanced countries, to purify drinking water. These are Eco friendly systems, which do not waste any source water and do not use any chemicals either. Moreover, they can be made fully automatic, or semi automatic, as the situation demands. Output can be as high as 2000 Liters per hour. High traffic temples and clubs use these filters.

It gives out pure drinking water at 1200 liters per hour and above. A preferred product for clubs, restaurants, health centers and households...

It is the preferred installation for small warehouses, NGOs, restaurants, workshops, factories, schools and large establishments...

5 stage, instant water purification at the turn of a tap. Using 3 level prefilters, a RO and a UV chamber....

More Drinking Water Purifiers

Some of Our Esteemed Clients
The Lake Club Ltd.
Calcutta Kennel Club
Rotary Club of Calcutta
Rotary Charitable Trust of Belur
Lansdowne Automobile
Silverline Eye Hospital
Red Onion Hotels
IPS Complex
Soroptimist International
Splash International India
West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited
Bose Automobile
Mitsubishi Power India Private Limited
Water Sanitation and Hygiene Institute
(WASH Institute)
Aspirations Crescent

Rain Water Harvesting Project in Kolkata