Parashu® Media Iron Removal Filters
– Backwash Enabled for House or Commercial

Now, you can get clean, iron free and sediment, particles free, crystal clear water round the year, using our proprietary mix, media based filters, which are also maintenance cost free. We install anywhere in and around Kolkata.

Our filters use a variety of media such as gravel and specially treated sand, anthracite, manganese dioxide and birm®. Sizes of the filters depend after careful calculation of your consumption and pump capacity.

The unique feature of these filters is their backwash, which can be done by anyone, and which rejuvenates the filters, making them fresh for use again. No change of cartridges, no ongoing running costs.

Our filters are frequently used for whole tank water iron water filtration as tank iron guard, and is placed between the underground reservoir and the overhead tank. They also find their use inside bathrooms, cleaning the entire bathroom pipeline water. They have a wide range of applications, from individual houses, to apartment complexes, to temples and standalone bungalows and row houses, to even small flats. Please find real pictures of some of our installations, lower down the page.

The following diagrams give the basic concept of the filter’s backwash capability:

When the filter is at service mode, that is, when it is at filtration mode:

The following diagram shows how the flow of the water is reversed, and all dirt and iron accumulated at the filter is backwashed, when it is put at backwash mode, by just a turn of a lever:

Please note that the manual backwash can also be converted into a sensor based, automatic backwash valve, at extra costs.

Some of our Media Iron Removal Filter Installations:

Complete full tank iron water filtration system, including pipeline, done by Parashu®

For more details:

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