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Case Study - Lakeclub, Kolkata

Case Study 1: The Lake Club Ltd.

Lake Club is a premier club beside the Dhakuria lake at South Kolkata. Its members comprises eminent personalities of Kolkata, and it is known for upliftment of the the sports of rowing, among other sports. It boasts of a member base of over 2000 and witnesses heavy footfall everyday, due to events, and their attendance by the members and their guests, on a regular basis.

Lake Club, Kolkata

The club is situated on a eco fragile zone, and hence have to abide by using green systems only. We were approached by the club to provide for a permanent solution to the drinking water needs, the restaurant water requirement and the kitchen water needs of the facility. They were trying the water purifier systems that were available off the shelf, but the systems were failing every other day.

Upon analyzing the water, we found that it contains a good amount of clay sediments, sand and particles. The iron content was also very high. Moreover, the facility needs a minimum of 2000 liters of pure drinking water everyday, which is difficult to be serviced by the purifiers that are available in the market off the shelf.

Upon inspiration from the club authorities, we developed industrial grade, high capacity water purifier systems, with multiple levels of filtration to filter out all particles, dirt, dust and germs, yet retaining the beneficial minerals, and all in a green system, with zero power consumption and zero usage of chemicals.

We have installed 3 different systems with varied capacity and specifications, at three different locations in the club premise.

The systems have been running successfully for over 6 years now, making them one of our most happy customers.

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