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Case Study - Lansdowne Automobile

Case Study 2: Lansdowne Automobile - Car Repair Service

Lansdowne Automobile - Car Repair Service

Lansdowne Automobile is a apremier car workshop facility in Kolkata, servicing all kind of cars. The source water of the place was unfit even for bathing. It is brackish, with high TDS of over 1800. We were asked to develop a system for them, and it was a challenging job, for:

  • Their water requirement is high. Over 500 liters daily for drinking, and over 5000 liters daily for other purposes.
  • There is no space to put up a full size water filtration system, and yet, the entire system needs to be automatically run, so that there is no gap in their normal business workflow.

We designed their system first to divide the drinking and non drinking water into separate channels. The non drinking water was thoroughly filtered using our proprietary media filters, back washable, and diverted to storage tanks. The tanks and the pump were fitted with automatic devices that would trigger the pump when the tanks were empty, and shut it out when they were nearing full.

The water filter system was so designed, so that we could mount the entire filter on the wall, saving the valuable floor space. This filter had 8 levels of purification, and we used Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis as well.

Our filters have been successfully running at their premises for the last 7 years.

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