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Village School Installations at Farakka, By Mitsubishi Power

Case Study 3: Village School Installations at Farakka, By Mitsubishi Power, as a CSR initiative

Mitsubishi Power Systems

We were contacted by Mitsubishi Power Systems, operating at NTPC Farakka, to install 8 different filters at 7 different schools, and all the schools were in deep rural areas, far from the main city.

The schools on an average had a student strength of anywhere between 1500 to 2000, so we had to calculate a daily water requirement of 8000 liters. Moreover, the filters needed to be fail-safe, as they were difficult to reach, and away from the city. Also, the filters must be equipped with standard size input output fittings, so that local fittings may be bought and used, when there is regular maintenance. All the schools had electricity.

We developed industrial grade, large capacity (10,000 liters per day) systems, with standard ½ inch sized fittings, that could be maintained by non technical persons as well. These filters were fitted with high quality UV chambers. Next, we went to each of the schools, and installed the systems. Right after installation, we trained 3 persons from each of the schools on how to maintain the filter, change cartridges etc. We equipped them with spare cartridges, so that they can maintain the filters for the next 1 year or more. The entire project was successfully executed, from placement of order to installation, quality checking and receipt of final payment, within a span of 20 working days.

This has been one of our biggest CSR initiative installation.

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