Geyser Filter for any brand of Geyser

Now fix a filter at the input of your geyser and protect your geyser from iron, scaling and all kinds of particles.

Fixing it is self explanatory and very simple, and you can do it yourself. Check the picture.

First, gently screw in the pipes to both the end of the cartridges.

Now screw in the input pipe of the filter to the input check pipe of the geyser, and screw in the output pipe of the filter to the input of the geyser. Use the bracket to hand the cartridge at a convenient place, and you are done!

We have included some Teflon tape (also available in any plumbing shop), that you should wrap around in multiple circles at the mouth of the check pipe tap, and at the input of the geyser, before screwing in the filter inputs and output heads. This will prevent any leaks. Take help of a plumber if you want.

To make things easier, the input and output pipes are flexible, and can be cut to size too, if you want. To open any connector, find the blue ring, and pull it out. Then gently press the white ring down, and lightly pull the pipe, and it will come out. Cut it according to the size you need with a pair of scissors, and fix back in the same way. Remember to put back the blue ring. Generally however, you will not need to resize.

Product Description

Name Description
TitleĀ  Geyser Filter
Size 10 x 4 x 4 inch
Complexity Very simple to install, Do it Yourself.
Recommended Source extra cartridges along with your order.

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