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Iron Removal Water Filters in Kolkata

Iron Removal Water Filters in Kolkata - From The Manufacturers

Welcome to Parashu® branded iron guards and iron water filters supplied across Kolkata and India. Some of our systems, which are media based, are sold in Kolkata only, where we also offer optional paid installation. For the rest, they can be done by any professional plumber, and are shipped across India, whether it is Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai or Kerala, including North East India like Guwahati.

Our systems are easy to install and maintained and their prices are the best as they can get, for we manufacture them ourselves. We do not have dealers anywhere in India as we follow the web only model, to keep our prices low.

We have systems suited to every purpose. For example, we can supply iron guards to your existing drinking water filter like Kent® or Aquaguard®, we can give your faucet or tap mouth bathing water filter whose water you can use to bathe or wash, a kitchen faucet filter to wash your vegetables, and to cook your food, or a iron water filter for your washing machine or dish washer.

We also make large systems, like entire home iron water purifier, or entire bathroom iron removal filter, or even entire housing complex iron filter. Scroll down to discover our solutions. Please feel free to drop us a mail by clicking on contact us, at the menu on the top of the page.

Iron remover with cartridge system
Media iron removal filter on a rooftop
Iron Water Filter for housing complex
Installed Parashu media filter on terrace for iron removal
Iron removal media filter set up inside the bathroom
Installed iron removal medial filter in the washroom
Iron Removal Media Filter on roof top

Media Iron Removal Filter

Step by step backwash process



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Iron Guard for Water Tank

You might like to install an iron guard for your entire overhead tank, which offers 5 micron filtration, and can be installed to the main water line that leads to the overhead tank. It is simple to install and can be done by any professional plumber:

Please note that it is large and heavy system, and is yet wall hanged, to save you space. It comprises of three JUMBO housings, each fitted with proprietary Medias and catalysts that works real-time to purify your water for daily use. The input output of the system is 1 inch. They can also be fixed to exit of a domestic water pump.

The first cartridge where the water enters consists of a catalyst that does not requires to be changed, but only washed periodically in plain water. The second media, which is granulated gas activated carbon, removes all harmful chlorine and chloramines commonly found in bathing water, and requires to be changed after 6 to 8 months. The final cartridge offers 5 micron polishing to the water, rendering it crystal clear, after the air inside it flows out with water. We also provide two shower filters exclusively with this product, that you can fix directly to your showerheads, which makes the water greatly healthy for bathing. Please note that you will not need to change any cartridge in the shower filters, and they run for months without any maintenance. In case of any reduce in flow, you will only need to open it out by hand, and fit it back in reverse. They work perfectly for upto 45,000 liters or more, after which, you may replace them. They can be bought separately from

Please note the following pictures of whole house filters or multiple bathroom filters that can be fixed to the main pipeline of a house or flat, or to the common bathroom line. You will need to show them to your plumber for fitting the system:

Whole House Iron Water Filter Installation Method

Whole House filters fittings

If you are, however, based out of Kolkata, then we can also offer you a choice for media based, maintenance free, iron water filter for overhead tanks. Please visit Media Iron Removal Filters for details.

Media based maintenance free iron water filter

Iron Guard for Washing Machines, Dishwashers, etc

They are simple to attach and install and you can do it yourself! Just fix one of these to the input of your automatic washing machine or dishwasher, and you will receive clean, iron free, chlorine free water in your device, thereby giving you cleaner washes, consuming less detergent and protecting your expensive machine.

Media based maintenance free iron water filter

Iron removal filter for washing machine


Are you looking for iron removal filter for bathroom ? Just visit our Bathroom iron removal page or Bath Water Iron Removal Page at

If you are located in Kolkata and is looking for iron removal filter for bathroom in Kolkata, we would be able to give you more options. Just call/sms/whatsapp us at 90380 57899, or drop us mail using the contact us link at the top.

Please note that large iron removal systems for housing complexes, health centers etc, and undertaken in Kolkata only. Please contact us for iron removal plant in Kolkata and price by call/sms/whatsapp us at 90380 57899, or drop us mail using the contact us link at the top. Please include details like number of flats, type of water, source of water (borewell or otherwise) etc.

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