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Large Kitchen Whole Line Water Purifiers and Filters
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Large Kitchen Whole Line Water Purifiers and Filters

It is of tantamount importance that safe drinking water is provided for all use, including dishwashing, in large and community kitchens, due to the variety and number of stakeholders the kitchen serves.

Large Kitchen Whole Line Water Purifiers and Filters

Large kitchen whole-line water purifiers are comprehensive water purification systems designed for commercial or industrial kitchens. These systems are installed to ensure that the water used in various kitchen activities, including cooking, cleaning, and food preparation, meets high-quality standards. Here are some features commonly associated with large kitchen whole-line water purifiers:

Multiple Filtration Stages:

These systems typically incorporate multiple stages of filtration to address various impurities and contaminants present in the water. Common filtration technologies include sediment filters, activated carbon filters, Ultrafiltration membranes, and UV sterilization.

Ultra Filtration Technology:

We suggest that large kitchen water purifiers use UF, a process that removes a wide range of impurities and contaminants, except for dissolved minerals, by forcing water through a 0.04 micron membrane. Automatic cleaning of the filters have to be built in, so that the membranes can clean themselves of the impurities by themselves. They can deliver large volumes of safe water with minimum maintainence. The other option is to use a high capacity, industrial grade UV chamber, after giving adequate pre filters. RO (Reverse Osmosis) is generally avoided, as they waste over 90% of source water, and large volumes of safe water is used in Kitchens.

Activated Carbon Filtration:

Activated carbon filters are effective in removing chlorine, odors, and organic compounds from water. They contribute to improving the taste and odor of the water used in cooking and beverage preparation. We always use this as pre filters to our UF or UV filters.

Scale Prevention:

In areas with hard water, systems may include technology to prevent the buildup of scale, which can affect the performance and longevity of kitchen equipment like dishwashers and steamers.

Large Capacity:

Given the high water demand in commercial kitchens, these systems are designed with a significant water flow rate and capacity to meet the requirements of large-scale food preparation and cleaning activities.

Compliance with Health Standards:

The design and components of these water purifiers often comply with health and safety standards applicable to commercial food establishments. Meeting these standards ensures that the water used in food preparation meets regulatory requirements.

Customizable Configurations:

Large kitchen whole-line water purifiers can be customized based on the specific water quality challenges in a particular location. The configuration can be tailored to address local water source conditions and the desired water quality.

Monitoring and Maintenance Features:

Systems can be monitored for their efficiency by the flow, or the reduction of it. Regular maintenance and filter replacement schedules are essential to ensure the continued effectiveness of the system.

These water purifiers play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and safety of water used in commercial kitchens, contributing to the overall hygiene and quality of the food produced. Installation and maintenance are typically carried out by professionals to ensure optimal performance and compliance with health and safety standards.