Rainwater Harvesting System

Micro Rainwater Harvesting System

Suitable for houses, flats, apartments, bungalows, farm houses, factories, workshops, guesthouses, hotels, camps, hill stations and cities with heavy rainfall like Bangalore or Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune etc.

Now, for the first time, you can collect rainwater flowing from overhead sheds, rainwater pipes etc., and filter them for daily use, like washing, cleaning, wiping floors, bathroom and toilet needs, bathing, and even cooking that requires boiling. Nominal output will be at the rate of 100 Liters per hour.

The Parashu® micro and mini rain water harvesting systems are simple, inexpensive, easy to install and maintain systems that can be used by almost everyone. These consumes very little power, as it employs a 24 volt pump to do all the hard work.

Check the diagrams below:

Micro Rainwater Harvesting System
Price: Rs. 3,068 (all inclusive)
Mini Rainwater Harvesting System
Price: Rs. 4,484 (all inclusive)

Simple Steps to get clean, sparkling water from harvested rainwater:

  • Pour rainwater into the bucket or drum given in the left.
  • Push the input pipe into the input of the pump, the output pipe to the output of the pump, whose other end will go into the input of the cartridge housing. You might like to fix the cartridge to the wall, or leave it as it is.
  • Place the pump on floor, or on something higher, like a stool.
  • Fill the input pipe of the pump with water and then immerse it in the bucket or drum.
  • Put the electric connection to ON.
  • Soon, after the cartridge housing fills up, you will have clean water coming out of the other end of the housing, which you can collect and start using.


  • The input bucket or drum is not part of the package; you will need to arrange it.
  • Care should be taken that the pump is not dry run, else pump may burn out.
  • You can also choose to filter iron laden water to clean water when there is no rainfall.
  • If flow reduces, then you will need to change cartridge, it can be done by hand.

Technical Specifications:

Dimension (Micro) 6" x 6" x 12"
Dimension (Mini) 6" x 6" x 24"
Power of Pump 100 GPD Booster
Power Consumption Voltage:
24 Volt
Price (Micro): Rs. 3,068 (all inclusive)
Price (Mini): Rs. 4,484 (all inclusive)

The Whole House Rain Water Harvesting system

This is a large scale system, capable of filling up overhead tanks with harvested water. Care should be taken that the harvested water doesn’t have leaves or paper or plastic, as it may clog your pump or filter. This can be achieved by putting in barbed wires or nets at the terrace mouth of rainwater pipes, or by fixing large net bags at the input of the tank, to catch large objects like leaves.

The first level acts as a catcher to the system, which captures rough grains, small seeds, escaped bits of leaves and twigs etc. The second level fully polishes the water at micron level, taking out fine sand particles, dirt and dust, making the water crystal clear and ready to use.

Thereafter, fix a 0.5 HP or 1 HP monoblock pump before the filter with help of a plumber, and you can directly use the water that comes out of the filter. Please note that pump, input tank, or plumbing work is not included in our package. You will need to arrange the same with a local plumber.

Check the diagram below:

The Whole House Rain Water Harvesting system
Price: Rs. 16,048 (all inclusive)

Technical Specifications:

Dimension 20" x 10" x 26"
Price: Rs. 16,048 (all inclusive)

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