• Parashu® Unique Car Washing Water Filtration System

You do not use sand or dirt to wash your beloved car, so why should you use the same in your car washing water. Our in-house researched and developed, complete car cleaning water filter gives you crystal clear water, removing iron, particles, sand granules, and also make the water soft and anti scaling, so no more irritating white spots on your car.

Moreover, it is built in a way, such that the water pressure increases at the output, than what is given in the input, thus making your wash simpler, taking lesser time, and saving water. You can also control flow by your existing tap.

Water may be also taken in a bucket, and then be used for wash.

The biggest advantage of using our filters is that it also removes the chlorine in water, added by all municipalities. This chlorine, over a period of time, bleaches the paint of your car, reducing the sheen. Now, with 95% of the chlorine removed, your car will have that shine for long periods. This is done using the power of kdf® media.

Installing and maintaining the filters is cake walk, and you will not need any professional help. Just attach the input pipe to a tap, push in the output, and you are pretty much through. If you are using a pump, you can also attach it to the output of the pump.

We have also included an extra cartridge with the set, and each cartridge lasts around 6 months to 1 year, per car, depending on water quality and usage.


  •     Removes iron, sediments, dust and sand particles, gives our sparkling clean, soft water
  •     Removes Chlorine, keeping your car shine longer
  •     No more white spots, by making the water anti scaling
  •     Increases wash pressure, unique jet stream, to remove stubborn mud stains
  •     Saves water, doesn't waste any source water either
  •     Does not oxidize the car paint
  •     Easy to fit, run and change cartridge
  •     Equally effective and usable for those who uses buckets to wash car
  •     Can be used as a bike wash filter as well
  •     Has multiple uses, like washing marble floors, washing clothes, etc
  •     Can also be fixed to the output of a pump

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Parashu® Unique Car Washing Water Filtration System

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