• External Canister Aquarium Filter for Hotel, Hospital and Industrial Aquarium

What are external Aquarium filters?

External aquarium filters are placed outside the aquarium, and utilizes a small pump to actually pump out water from the aquarium, filter out of all particles, dirt and dust, and then puts it back to the filter. They are also used to filter out the water when it is added for the first time into the aquarium.

The advantages of Parashu® external canister aquarium filters from the house of Ira Waters are many. Some of them are:

  • They actually put the toxic dirt like fish droppings, out of the contact of water, thus keeping it clean, and inhibiting the production of nitrite an ammonia.
  • They inhibit the excessive growth of germs in water, protecting the fish or turtles.
  • The bio filter is not disturbed, and sucked out good bacteria is put back into the water.
  • They keep the water clean for a much longer period of time.
  • Cleaning the filters is simple, and it doesn’t involve touching the aquarium or its water.
  • If your water is iron laden, then relax, for these filters also remove the excessive iron from water, keeping the walls of the aquarium clean.
  • No water is wasted! The same water is cleaned and recycled. All you need to do is to periodically open the first canister, clean the cartridge in running tap water and fit it back.
  • Installation, running and maintenance is simple, and DIY. You can do all yourself. All required parts are provided.
  • There is no activated carbon, which releases dangerous ammonia into the water. We use chemically inert filter media, to filter out the dirt of your aquarium, and further fresh air to it.
  • Running the filters for about 2 or more hours should be enough to keep your tank healthy and fishes happy.

Please note that these filters will not remove any dissolved medications given in water to treat fish. You are free to run the filter with medications added.

Technical Specifications for Hotel, Hospital and Industrial Aquarium:

Dimension (without KDF) : 10" x 6" x 24"

Power of Pump : 100 GPD Booster

Power Consumption

Voltage : 24 Volt

AMP : 1.2

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External Canister Aquarium Filter for Hotel, Hospital and Industrial Aquarium

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