• Parashu® Heavy Duty Drinking Water System

Capacity: 1000 Liters Per Hour

Welcome to the truly heavy duty drinking water system from Parashu®. Suited for large factories, premium clubs, community drinking water systems, joint families, temples, hotels, restaurants, large kitchens and anywhere, where you need safe drinking water in large quantity.

Note that this is a green system, which does not use any chemicals, consumes very low power and wastes no source water. There is no reduction in TDS of water, and the water retains all beneficial minerals, giving you mineral drinking water as output. The machine works perfectly with low TDS borewell water, as well as with municipal water. It is highly suited for any commercial establishment that needs filtered drinking water.

Maintenance is very low, and can be performed by self, making this an ideal installation for even remote areas, where you can perform maintenance yourself. Input and output are standard plumbing sizes, enabling any local plumber to install the system.

You can also mate the output of the filter to any cooler or tank, for storage.

Technical Specifications of Heavy Duty Drinking Water System

Number of treatment stages 5
Treats Iron, heavy metals, all suspended particles, chlorine, chloramines, bad odor, 100% germs.
Leaves all minerals in water, no change in TDS of water. Output is natural mineral water.
Technology active carbon, KDF® media, UV
Operation fully automatic or semi automatic, as desired by the client
Suited for Restaurants, temples, offices, clubs, public places, factories, warehouses, workshops
Input water corporation or borewell, fresh water
Power Reqd Yes, 220 V AC
Input output pipe size ½ inch standard
Installation Floor Mounted or Wall mounted with open frame SS Stand
Size of SS Stand 11 inch X 18 inch X 30 inch

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Parashu® Heavy Duty Drinking Water System

  • Brand: Parashu
  • Product Code: PARASDRINKING0005
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  • Country of Origin : India
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