The Three Stages of Parashu® Ultra Secure Water Purifier :

First Stage: Removal of all suspended particles, dirt and dust upto 10 micron, along with iron deposits.
Second stage: The goodness of nature and natural water and adding aesthetic value to it. Removes carcinogenic material like chlorine and chloramine, heavy metals, bad taste and odor, making the water desirable to drink.
Third Stage: Total treatment of all germs, bacteria, virus, fingi and microbes to give to clean, safe drinking water, yet boosting your immunity everytime. UV treatment is a tried and tested method, used world over to eliminate germs.

Enjoy a full service, high capacity, online water purifier, for your drinking water requirement, without compromising on quality. It is a non RO system, retaining all the beneficial minerals in water, giving you mineral water as output. It is heavy duty and high capacity as well, which means you can use it for domestic and household, as well as for commercial and heavy traffic establishment.
The purifier comes with an installed capacity of 180 LPH, which means you can get a massive 540 liters of drinking water, by just running it for 3 hours.
The filter comes in semi-assembled state, and it is very easy to assemble and install it. The maintenance is also super easy, and you can do it yourself. This is a Do it yourself product, liberating you from any AMC of heavy maintenance costs. All cartridges are freely available with us, and in online marketplaces and websites.
You can use any existing tap, with our special attachment. Your tap stays operational too.
This leak proof piping system is hand fitted or unfitted, without the use of any tools. You can cut the pipes to size with normal scissors and fix them.

The cartridge system:

The system comes with a iron guard cartridge and a genuine activated carbon filter cartridge, rendering you the goodness of activated carbon, and delivering you aesthetically pure drinking water. It also treats the water for all germs. One set of cartridge is prefitted in the filter, while a set of extra cartridge comes with the filter, that you cn use to replace the prefitted set after 6 months, or earlier, depending on usage. You should change cartridge after 6 months, or when the flow of water becomes noticeably low, whichever is earlier.
Calibration of the system:
For places where the water pressure is very high, and the output water comes at very fast rate, you can easily calibrate it to 180 Liters per hour, by just using 3 empty 1 liter bottles.
Just time 1 minute, run the filter, and fillup the bottles one by one.
If there is still time after filling up 3 bottles, then you need to reduce the flow, so that not more than 3 bottles should be filled in a minute. Anything less is fine. Water controlling valve is provided at the input pipe of the device.

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Parashu® Ultra Secure

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