UV Filter for Aquarium

UV Filter for aquariums - Including Pre Filter and Special Pump

Adding a UV filter to your aquarium provides for great benefits, as it effectively removes algae, fungal parasites, and harmful bacteria and virus from your tank, making your fish live longer and making your aquarium clean and clear, aesthetically pleasing. It can be used in both marine and freshwater aquariums. Includes special pump.

Some of the benefits of using a UV filter in your aquarium:

  • A UV sterilizer is one the best technology that you can safely use, to kill algae, Ich or other parasites.
  • Even in clean and safe tanks, it acts as an insurance policy for your fish and plantation.
  • UV sterilizers are suitable for both freshwater or marine fish tanks.
  • It’s an excellent addition to your tank and prevents the death of fish and extends their life due to its protective nature.
  • It also makes your water crystal clear so you'll enjoy your tank even more. Moreover, it adds extra oxygen to the water, if you want, and generates a gentle flow, mimicking natural water bodies.
  • It is one of the most widely used aquarium equipment.
  • Our UV filters come with a 10 micron pre filter, which effectively clears all debris of size 10 micron and higher, and increases the efficiency of the UV chamber. You can clean the cartridge yourself periodically, with tap water

What is UV sterilization?

UV sterilizer is placed in a SS tube of ultra-violet light that kills single cell organisms that undergo it by altering and damaging their DNA. Putting it in plastic tube is not a good idea, as it degrades plastic.

Ultra-violet light is dangerous and cancerous when not used properly, but when the UV sterilizer is employed correctly and cautiously, it’s absolutely safe to you or your fish, invertebrates, plants , or corals. We use pure SS casings for the UV chamber of reputed make

Setting up of your device:

Fix the push pull pipes as required. refer to video below

Fully open the regulator. Fill up the input pipe by hand with water, and place the pipe in water. Then run the included pump.

To reduce the flow, if you desire, use the controller.

Fixing and unfixing push-pull pipe

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It cannot kill beneficial bacteria

Contrary to popular opinion, it does no harm to your beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria aren't killed unless a number of it flows throughout the water and goes through the UV sterilizer because the beneficial bacteria colonies are always on a surface like gravel, rocks, wood, etc.

Also, it's recommended to put in the UV sterilizer off when the aquarium is cycled, so that beneficial bacteria is not killed.

It cannot kill fish

UV sterilizers are safe for fish, corals, and invertebrates.

The opening of the input pipe is only ¼ of an inch, and except for fries, it is safe for fishes as they will not be sucked in. Still, if you are afraid of the very small fishes that you may have, you can just rubber bank a mosquito net at the input pipe.

Please note, It cannot save fish that is already sick

If a fish is already suffering from illness caused by bacteria or parasites, medications and isolation are a must to save the fish because the malicious microorganisms are attached to the fish and aren't floating in the water. In order for the bacteria, algae, or parasites to be killed they need to travel through the UV sterilizer.

However, by using the UV sterilizer you'll prevent the spreading of the diseases floating freely within the water.

This will help keep the tank water healthy and give a great environment to your fish to live longer.

Our product comes with:

A separate plug that is plugged in to a 220V AC, so that it is free of heat and water damage.

High quality Quartz sleeve for UV chamber, that can also be taken put periodically and cleaned with a simple piece of cloth.

Branded, Pure Stainless Steel, 304 grade UV chamber. All noncorrosive water-contact surfaces.

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