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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the Benefits of Removing Iron?
Benefits are many, and you can find them at This Resource
Do iron filters reduce 100% iron?
No. However, it removes 95% to 98% of Ferric iron (granulated iron). Ferrous iron, which is dissolved in water, passes through the filters. Hence, better the oxidation before the filters, the better the filters perform to remove iron from water.
How often should I change the cartridge?
Anywhere between 4 to 6 months, depending on water quality and usage volume. Basically, if the water flow reduces, you change the cartridge. For media filters, no cartridge change is required, as they come with a backwash enabled system.
What are the service charges after the Warranty period?
Warranty is for manufacturing defects only, and not for service. Service charges will depend on the condition of the device. Generally, it is inexpensive, as we use standard plumbing fittings, available locally.
Can the media filter reduce chlorine and water smell?
Yes, they do reduce chlorine and metallic smell in water.
How many types of media are in the filter?
It is a proprietary mix, consisting of gravel, specially treated and coated sand, and other media.
Can Iron filters reduce hardness?
No, Iron removing filters do not remove hardness. Additionally a softener would be required to perform the function.
Why are you so expensive?
We are not expensive, and we work on wafer thin margins. Our products may seem expensive to you because we use the best quality raw materials, along with product warrenty against manufacturing defects, which most of our competitors do not. We also offer the option of AMC with our high end products, which vindicates our confidence in our product quality.
What is the difference between a softener and an iron filter?
An iron filter works by the principle of filtration, that is physically filtering out the iron granules. A softener works by the principle of ion exchange, by which calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions.
Which is more effective and best between a whole house filter and a media filter, and their differences?
Both are effective, however, Whole House filters are finer and have smaller pore size than that of a media filter, making them more effective . Setting up of a whole house filter is non technical and easy, and can be done by a local plumber. They are also better for high pressure environments. Whole house filters will also require cartridge change. Media filter do not require any cartridge change.
What about warranty periods and AMC
Depending on the product, all our products come with 6months or 1 year warranty period against any manufacturing defect. AMC is a pure choice for the customer, which they can choose to get before the product completes 1 year of service.
Do you custom make solutions?
Yes, depending on the need of the place, we design and develop custom solutions for a variety of water uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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