Parashu® Bath - Iron & Water treatment for your bathroom

Iron Filter for Whole Bathroom

This wonder filter packs a punch, and it uses advance techniques of drinking water filtration treatments, to give you the best possible water for your bathing and shampoo. It works great for hair fall problems, and for those who have sensitive skin as well.

The first level of this system is catalytic in nature and it oxidizes and reduces most harmful metals dissolved in water, including iron. The second level efficiently filters out iron, and other particulate matter from the water giving you treated, fresh, iron free, clean water for bathing, right from your bathroom taps. Your bathing, washing, shampoo and cleaning will come with new and fresh experience of using really clean water.

It needs a professional plumber’s help though, and he will need to modify the main water line of a bathroom, and put it through this filter. If you have the main line or check valve of your bathroom exposed (not concealed), then it makes the job easier. Else, tiles have to be broken, the water line have to be exposed and operated, and then make the filter operational. If you think this is too much of a trouble, then you can check out our magic filter, which can be installed directly at showerheads.

The filter is wall mounted, so it does not take any valuable floor space.

In places where the water quality is really bad, with heavy levels of iron, manganese and other heavy metals, and with scaling of water, this device treats the water online, and delivers clean and clear water for bathing, washing and other purposes, except for drinking.

How Parashu® Bath may be fitted to the main bathroom line

Product Description

Name Description
Title  Parashu® Bath
Size 55.9 x 30.2 x 10.2 cm
Input/Output: Standard 1/2 inch
Raw water Source: Corporation water or Bore well
Features The first housing contains a catalyst, with life of over 10 years. It just needs to be periodically washed in normal water. This device oxidizes the common contaminants in water, so that they may be filtered out in the next stage.
The second housing contains a 5 micron filter cartridge, that removes all suspended particles and oxidized output of the first housing, to give you clean, clear, oxidized water. This cartridge has an average life of 8 months, and needs to be replaced after the same. This cartridge is also equipped with anti scaling material, that greatly reduces the tendency of water to from scales where it is used, thus protecting your faucets and bathroom floors.
Complexity Need a plumber's help to fix the system. It may be put in to the main bathroom input line (if visible and accessible), or to the mouth of any faucet. However, maintenance and changing of cartridge can be done by oneself.
Price Check the link below
Recommended Source extra 5 micron filter cartridges along with your order.

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