Kitchen Vegetable and Food Washing and Cooking Water Filter

Use this filter to get clean water to wash your vegetables, clean your rice and dal, and source water for cooking. Save yourself and your family from harmful stray metalic and non metallkic particles in water. It also oxidizes and removes all iron, and also softens your water, so less white scaling in your utensils, and whiter rice. Easy, self fixing can be done, and low cost operations. No power required, and all parts already provided.

Why Kitchen Water Filter is a must for every home?

Think what a small stray particle of metal or glass in your food can do to you or to your family. Moreover, if there is too much iron or hardness in your water, then also you are risking the health of your near and dear ones.

On the aesthetic side, a kitchen water filter of IRA Waters will give you water free of all particles, dust, dirt, stray pieces, undissolved iron and metals. It will also oxidize the water and make it healthier. It will also soften the water, resulting in tastier food, and cleaner utensils.

A one of a product of its kind, these filters and effective, yet inexpensive. They are easy to fit and are portable too, which means you can carry them at will if you want. Maintenance is also low, and you can change the cartridges yourself if you want. Click here for extra cartridges.

Its cartridges are special, long lasting, fluffy cartridges, with inbuilt softener.

Alternative use:
You can also use a filter at your bathroom, which will give you good water for shampooing. Filters should also be used before geysers, dishwashers and Jacuzzi.

Also suitable for bathrooms, geysers, Jacuzzi, dishwasher.

Product Description

Name Description
Title Kitchen Vegetable and Food Washing and Cooking Water Filter
Size about 13 inches in height, 2.5 inches in radius
Includes Wall bracket. fluffy cartridge with inbuilt softener, special sockets with soft pipe, food grade plastic housing.
Complexity Very simple to install, Do it Yourself.
Price Check the link below
longevity 6 months, though depends on usage and quality of water
Recommended Source extra cartridges along with your order.

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