Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Our clothes are subjected to the harshness of water every day. If your water has hardness, suspended particles, dust or iron, then over a period of time, your clothes will assume a yellowish stain, and you will end up using a lot of detergent powder.

Now, you can fight that. Install a washing machine filter, at the feed water of your washing machine, and see the difference! There will be no more reddish brown water or stains in your clothes. No dirt, dust or particles from water. The water the machine receives will also be soft, thus your detergent work better, saving you money with less use of detergent, and extending the life of your favorite clothes, not to mention, you get much cleaner water.

Installing is simple and you can do it yourself. Just attach one end of the pipe to your tap, and attach the washing machine pipe to the socket attached to the filter, and you are through. Special, screw in grips are provided for your ease of install. You can also open it off, after your washing is done.

Remember to buy spare cartridges along with your order.

Product Description

Name Description
Title Filter for Semi Automatic Washing Machines
Size about 13 inches in height, 2.5 inches in radius
Includes Wall bracket. fluffy cartridge with inbuilt softener, special sockets with soft pipe on one side to fit any tap attachment.
Complexity Very simple to install, Do it Yourself.
Price Check the link below
longevity 6 months, though depends on usage and quality of water
Recommended Source extra cartridges along with your order.

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