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Automatic Washing Machine Water Iron Filter

Automatic Washing Machine Water Iron Filter

₹ 1,888

An external iron guard washing machine filter is a type of filter that is designed to specifically capture iron particles, dirt and dust from the water before it enters the washing machine. Iron particles can be present in water supplies and may cause staining on clothes and damage to the washing machine over time.

It can be added to the external water supply line leading to the washing machine. The filter would then capture iron particles before the water enters the machine.

Parashu® from Ira Waters Pvt Ltd, makes the best quality automatic washing machine Filters for the purpose. They are easy to install and maintain, and can be done by self, with no technical knowledge.

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  • Product Code: PARAS0005
Additional information

The Do It Yourself, Easy to use, High Quality, Automatic Washing Machine Iron Filter

Say goodbye to yellow stains in your clothes, and say hello to clean, soft water for washing your clothes. Along with keeping your clothes clean, it also protects your washing machine.

Product Description

Name Description
Title Automatic Washing Machine Water Filter
Size about 13 inches in height, 2.5 inches in radius
Includes Wall bracket, span cartridge, automatic washing machine pipe, angular cock, spanner, screws.
Complexity Very simple to install, Do it Yourself.
Price See above
longevity 6 months, though depends on usage and quality of water
Recommended Source an extra cartridge with your order

How to use:

  • Screw in the provided tap to the out of the canister.
  • Open the existing pipe fitted at your washing machine and screw it in the input of the filter.
  • Now, take the new pipe and fit one end to the back of the washing machine and other end to the output tap of the filter.

You should also buy an extra original cartridge by clicking the button below.

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Please check images to know more about product and their installation.