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Multipurpose Iron Removal Filter

Parashu® Multipurpose Iron Removal Filter

₹ 1,357

Multipurpose iron removal and antiscaling filter, for use in geysers, jacuzzi, basins, under-sink etc, with plumbing help. Fix it to protect your valuable appliences from iron, scaling and all kinds of particles. Fixing it is self explanatory and very simple, and you can do it yourself.

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  • Product Code: PARAS0014
Additional information

Description of Multipurpose Iron Removal Filter

Name Description
Title Parashu® Multipurpose Iron Removal Filter
Size 10 x 4 x 4 inch
Input/Output: Standard 1/2 inch
Raw water Source: Corporation water or Bore well
Complexity: Very simple to install, Do it Yourself.
Recommended: Source extra 5 micron filter cartridges along with your order.

When to change the cartridge

Your machine will flash warning of less water. This is the time when you should change the cartridge of the first level filter. It can be done by hand. After every six to eight months, you may also change the direction of the KDF® cartridge as well, for it helps the cartridge to auto clean and give you the best results. However, it will require use of some Teflon tapes for leak prevention. After an estimated use of 40,000 liters to 60,000 liters of usage, you may choose to replace the KDf® cartridge, and use a new one.

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