Parashu® Automatic Washing Machine Filter with KDF®

You have spent thousands in acquiring your automatic washing machine, and it is an integral part of your household today. It would be really unfortunate if your machine malfunctions because of iron laden water or poor quality of water. Apart from using a lot more detergents, the sensitive and expensive sensors and electronic boards are also susceptible to damage with poor quality water.

We have researched on all these, and have come up with the best washing machine filter in India, that takes care of multiple factors, like excessive iron, hardness, dust particles, heavy metals and more. We achieve this with two stage treatment and filtration of water, before it enters your washing machine.

The first level removes all particulate iron, dirt and dust particles, and makes the water clean. The second level of water treatment with KDF® media chamber, removes all harmful chlorine, reduces the heavy metals, any iron that may have escaped, and also have a softening effect on the water, making it crystal clear. The added bonus is that you will be using less amount of detergents, and yet get a cleaner wash, helping the environment in the process.

Say goodbye to yellow stains in your clothes, and say hello to clean water for washing your clothes. Again, along with keeping your clothes clean, it also protects your machine.

When to change the cartridge:

Your machine will flash warning of less water. This is the time when you should change the cartridge of the first level filter. It can be done by hand. After every six to eight months, you may also change the direction of the KDF® cartridge as well, for it helps the cartridge to auto clean and give you the best results. However, it will require use of some Teflon tapes for leak prevention. After an estimated use of 40,000 liters to 60,000 liters of usage, you may choose to replace the KDf® cartridge, and use a new one.

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How to use:

  • Screw in the provided tap to the out of the canister.
  • Open the existing pipe fitted at your washing machine and screw it in the input of the filter.
  • Now, take the new pipe and fit one end to the back of the washing machine and other end to the output tap of the filter.

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