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Drinking Water Filter with RO, UV and KDF

5 stage, instant water purification at the turn of a tap. Using 3 level prefilters, a RO and a UV chamber.
(for Kolkata and neighbouring areas only)

Product Description

Name Description
Title Parashu® Secure
Dimensions 1ft X 2ft X 5" (approx)
Weight 5 Kgs (approx)
Filtration Technology Active Carbon, Iron and White Scale treatment, particle filtration, RO, UV
Raw water Source Borewell, Municipal
Contamination Organic contamination, filterable particles
Size of removable particles Down to 5 microns
Quality of output water 99.99% virus and bacteria free
Application/installation Local / permanent
Installation Capacity Upto 227 LPH
Membranes 1 activated carbon, 1 PP, softener, 1 UV Chamber, 1 RO, KDF
Control Manual, by turn of tap

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