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Commercial Water Purifier for Cooler

Parashu® Heavy Duty Water Cooler Commercial Filter System

₹ 25,960 (500LPH)
₹ 30,680 (1000LPH)

Heavy duty, failsafe, drinking water filter for all water coolers, that can be wall mounted. These coolers can dispense upto 500 liters of safe drinking water per hour, that is fed to the water cooler for cooling. Enjoy the perfect peace of mind, that only safe drinking will be dispensed to your cooler, which will keep all the consumers of the cooler water safe as well.

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Additional information

Descriptions of Water Cooler Commercial Filter System

Unique, 4 stage, heavy duty filtration and purification system for your water cooler, so that it always gets safe, clean, germ free mineral water, with great natural taste. Our filters can be mated to water coolers from any brand.

Here is an overview of the Parashu® Water cooler water purifier:

Stage 1: Oxidation Chamber

This stage uses Redox technology to oxidize iron, manganese and other heavy metals, using our proprietary mix.

Stage 2: Filtration Chamber

This stage effectively removes all dirt, dust, iron, oxidized metals, and makes the water crystal clear

Stage 3: Active carbon treatment chamber

Absorbs heavy metals, bad odour, adds natural taste, and removes all chlorine and chloramines that may be present in water. Makes the water free of carcinogenic compounds like pesticides, heavy metals such as lead, microbiological contaminants and waterborne pathogens. It also makes the water aesthetically pleasing for drinking.

Stage 4: UV treatment Chamber

This chamber kills all viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic microbes, making the water absolutely safe for cooling and drinking. Its runs on a 220 VAC point. Our devices are automated such that if there is no electricity, then no water will pass through the system. Water will automatically pass through, when there is electricity.

This system is perfect for schools, public facilities, offices, places of worship like temples, gurdwaras, churches and mosques, hospitals, marriage halls, party banquets, warehouses and for NGOs.

Maintenance of the filters is very simple, and can be done by any local plumber. We also undertake annual maintenance contract for the same.

The filter doesn't reduce any TDS, and retains all minerals. It provides 99.99% germ treated and active carbon conditioned water.

Works with standard plumbing sizes and all water cooler input sizes.

Product can be shipped to anywhere in India, where you can utilize a local plumber's service to install the unit. We provide support through video call if required. We also provide installation facility, if the place of installation is in and around the city of Kolkata.

Technical Specifications of Heavy Duty Water Cooler Commercial Filter System

Number of treatment stages 4
Treats Iron, heavy metals, all suspended particles, bad odour, 100% germs.
Leaves all minerals in water, no change in TDS of water. Output is natural mineral water.
Technology Oxidation, Iron and sediment, Active carbon, UV
Suited for Schools, restaurants, temples, offices, clubs, public facilities, factories, warehouses, workshops, NGOs
Input water corporation or borewell, fresh water
Power Reqd Yes, 220 V AC
Input output pipe size ½ inch standard
Installation Wall mounted
Price Rs.22,000.00 (500 LPH)
Rs.26,000.00 (1000 LPH)
(*GST applicable extra @ 18% on the price above)

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