Parashu® Little Master

Parashu® Little Master is the preferred installation for small warehouses, NGOs, restaurants, workshops, factories, schools and large establishments. It is wall mounted and gives out 400 to 500 liters per hour. It also controls hardness, iron, foul smell, and oxidizes water, making it more healthy. Solar Option available with Parashu® Little master.

Product Description

Name Description
Dimensions: 2ft X 2.5ft X 10inches
Weight: 15 Kgs (approx), wall mounted
Filtration Technology: Ultra filtration, Active Coconut Carbon, Iron and White Scale treatment
Raw water Source: Corporation water or Bore well
Contamination: Organic contamination, filterable particles
Size of removable particles: Down to 0.02 microns
Quality of output water: 99.99% virus and bacteria free
Application / installation: Local/permanent
Installation Capacity: 250 liters per hour to 600 liters per hour
Input/Output: 1/2 inch
Membranes: 1 UF, 1 iron removal, 1 activated carbon, 1 PP, small size
Power Consumption: Up to 0.19 Kw
Monoblock Pump: 0.25 HP
Control Panel: Digital/analogue, programmable
Control: Digital/analogue, automatic, with manual override
Min/max water temperature: 0 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius
Min/max air temperature: 0 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius
Additional features: Automatic UF washing and cleaning
Mode: Online / Offline

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