Cartridges for Iron Filters, Iron Guards, Sediment filters, KDF shower filters and bathroom filters

Restock/replace your iron filters with cartridges of the best quality. With international quality standards, your iron guard will perform even better, when you use these cartridges. Comes in 10 inch size and 20 inch size. The 20 inch size also comes in normal, as well as as in jumbo size.

Parashu® Products

Water Filter and Iron Removal Cartridges

Jumbo Cartridge for Whole House Iron Remover

This cartridge is made with 100% natural fiber thread and provide a large contact surface for minimum pressure drop, high retention capacity and high filtering efficiency.

Price: ₹ 2,183
Shipping: Free

10 Inch Two Pack Pre Filter Cartridge

2 pieces of 10 inch polypropylene cartridge for drinking water purifiers, and filter cartridge for washing machines, geysers, kitchen use etc.

Price: ₹ 295
Shipping: Free

20 Inch Two Pack Cartridge

2 pieces of 20 inch pp cartridge for Whole Tap and Parashu® Ultimate purifiers. Please note this standard size also fits in any 20 inch cartridge housing.

Price: ₹ 531
Shipping: Free

Fluffy Pre Filter Cartridge

Special fluffy pre filter polypropylene cartridge, for long life and efficient performance. Can be used as pre filter for drinking water purifiers and for washing machines, kitchen use etc.

Price: ₹ 354
Shipping: Free

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